QuickGuide™ Irish Grammar

What kind of course is it?

This is an interactive course based on the glance card of the same name, QuickGuide Irish Grammar, which is for sale on

Length of the course:

20-25 hours

Number of units:


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Interactive exercises:


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Video content:

12 months


This is an interactive course based on the glance card of the same name, QuickGuide™ Irish Grammar, which is for sale on In this online course you’ll be able to try exercises based on the content of the glance card and you’ll have an opportunity to practise what you have learned.

Important: It’s advisable to study the grammar rules contained on the glance card QuickGuide Irish Grammar before attempting the exercises in this online course. The grammar rules on which the exercises are based are contained on the card only.

QuickGuide Irish Grammar online aims to give those who undertake the course the opportunity to:

• practise some of the main aspects of Irish language grammar
• gain a better understanding of the grammatical rules through applying them.

The course was written by Michelle Ryan. Helen Hegarty and Éamonn Ó Dónaill edited the material.

Course Content

There are 11 units in the course and each one of them corresponds to the page with the same number in the glance card QuickGuide Irish Grammar. These are the aspects of grammar dealt with in the various units:

Unit 1: Using the Dictionary
Unit 2: The Article and Gender of Nouns • The Vocative Case
Unit 3: The Genitive Case, Singular and Plural
Unit 4: Noun Endings in the Genitive Case • The Copula Is
Unit 5: General Rules Governing Verbs • The Verb Bí • Regular Verbs
Unit 6: Irregular verbs • The Imperative Mood
Unit 7: Pronunciation and Orthography • Months and Days • Location and Motion • Directions
Unit 8: Adjectives
Unit 9: Numbers
Unit 10: Personal Pronouns • Prepositional Pronouns • Possessive Adjectives
Unit 11: Simple Prepositions • Simple Prepositions and the Article