Video Grammar Course for Primary School Teachers

This online summer course, which is worth 3 EPV days, is aimed at primary school teachers who wish to improve their knowledge of Irish language grammar and to learn effective new ways of teaching grammatical rules. It is suitable for teachers who don't feel confident when speaking or writing in Irish and who therefore wish to improve their language skills. The course is bilingual - an English translation is provided for every Irish sentence.



Course Content

Unit Content
Key sounds
The pronunciations which the learner should focus on in that particular unit.
Useful information
The grammar relevant to the topic covered in the unit. This grammar is presented in context and in manageable chunks, and complicated terminology is avoided.
Four dialogues, with accompanying translations into English. The language contained in these dialogues is natural and authentic, and reflects everyday usage.
Vocabulary and Useful phrases
Core vocabulary and useful phrases relating to the theme of the unit.
A wide range of fun to-do activities based on the vocabulary and grammar presented in the unit. The written exercises are interactive. Once you’ve completed an exercise, you can click on the “Send” button and receive feedback immediately. You’re told which answers were correct and which were incorrect, you’re given the correct answers and a score. The oral exercises are accompanied by sounds files.
These short passages aim to give the learner information about the history of the Irish language and a better understanding of Irish in the contemporary world.
Useful tips for learners
Handy tips on how to become a more efficient language learner.
Talking heads
The ‘Talking heads’ section contains video segments featuring a range of speakers, filmed on location in Dublin and Galway.


When can I register for the course?


When can I start the course?

Any time from the beginning of July onwards. In order to earn 3 EPV days, the course must be completed between 1 July 2024 and 16 August 2024.

By what date will I have to have completed the course?

By 16 August 2024. In order to earn 3 EPV days, the course must be completed some time between 1 July 2024 and 16 August 2024. During that period it’s up to you to decide when to study the course content.

What work will I have to do in each module?

You will have to read the material in the module and do all the interactive exercises. When you have done all that work, you will have to answer the interactive question at the end of the module. You must post this answer on the course forum. You must publish at least one post per module in the forums aside from answering the interactive questions. At the very end of the course, you must answer the reflective question. Again, you must post your answer on the course forum.

How many hours must I spend doing the course work?

Approximately 20 hours.

Is the course material written in Irish or in English?

The course is bilingual - each sentence in Irish is translated into English.

Will I have to answer the interactive question at the end of each module in Irish?

No. We would encourage you to use as much Irish as possible in your answers, but you can use English if you need to.

Can I undertake the course using my smartphone or my tablet computer. e.g. iPad?

Most of can be used on smartphones and tablet computers, however the site’s multimedia content does not work on all devices. It would be advisable, therefore, to try a sample unit of the course you’re interested in on the device before registering for that course.

What happens if I have a question?

Write it on the forum or write to your course facilitator.

What happens if I have a complaint?


Can I do more than one course?

Absolutely! Department of Education criteria for online courses stipulate that participants may complete one online course for the awarding of 3 EPV days, two online courses for 4 EPV days and three online courses for 5 EPV days.

How will I know when I have completed the course?

You will have completed the course when:

  • you have spent approximately 20 hours working on the course material
  • you have answered the five interactive questions as well as the reflective question
  • you have published at least one post per module in the forums aside from answering the interactive questions
  • the course facilitator is happy that your work is of a suitably high standard.
  • You will receive your certificate and CPD record within two weeks of having completed the course. It takes a little while to compile the answers, and to prepare the certificate and record.

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