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Take Gaelchultúr’s online test to determine your competency in the Irish language

Online Irish Test
Total of 100 questions in the test. Questions are generated randomly, the test will be different every time you do it.
10 to 20 mins on average to complete. If you want to stop doing the test, click on the Results of the test button button.
Choose one answer, the correct one. Test is graded, questions become more difficult as you progress.
You’ll be given your score immediately by email. You’ll see the correct and incorrect answers, and you can check the correct answers.

It’s important that you answer all of the questions in this test to ensure that the score you get is reliable.


It’s best to stop answering the questions and to click on the Results of the test button if you feel that you’ve reached the stage in the test when you’re guessing the answers.


The guide below gives an indication of what level every score from 0 to 100 corresponds to.

Score Most suitable course
0 - 29 Gaeilge gan Stró! - Beginners Level
30 - 59 Gaeilge gan Stró! - Lower Intermediate Level
60 - 100 Gramadach gan Stró!

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