UCD’s Online Irish Test

UCD’s Online Irish Test
[*Nabytek/Icons/Test1s.jpg]:[] Welcome to *UCD’s Online Irish Test*. There is a total of 100 questions in the test and it takes between 30 and 40 minutes on average to answer all the questions. All you have to do in the case of each question is to choose one answer, the correct one. This test is graded, therefore the questions become more difficult as you make your way through them. There are 20 questions on each screen. When you’ve answered those questions, you can move on to the next 20 questions by clicking on the ‘Next page of the test’ button. If you want to stop doing the test before you’ve reached the end, you can do so by clicking on the ‘Results of the test’ button. When you’ve completed the test, you’ll be given your score immediately, you’ll be told which answers were correct and which were incorrect, and you can have a look at the correct answers. The questions in the test are generated randomly, therefore the test will be different every time you do it.

If you speak fluent Irish ...

it’s important that you answer all of the questions in this test to ensure that the score you get is reliable.

If you don’t speak fluent Irish ...

it’s best to stop answering the questions and to click on the ‘Results of the test’ button if you feel that you’ve reached the stage in the test when you’re guessing the answers.
*Learners* Learners interested in attending one of Gaeltacht UCD’s language courses often take this test to get an idea of what level would best suit them. The guide below gives an indication of what level every score from 0 to 100 corresponds to.
-------------------------------------------{140px,300px} | +Score+ | +Most suitable level+ | --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- | 0 - 14: | Level 1 (Beginners) | | 15 - 29: | Level 2 (Elementary)| | 30 - 44: | Level 3 (Lower intermediate)| | 45 - 59: | Level 4 (Upper intermediate)| | 60 - 100: | Level 5 (Advanced 1 / Accuracy in Irish)| ---------------------------------------------

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We’ll send you your results via email and you’ll have an opportunity, if you like, to discuss them with one of Gaelchultúr’s education staff.